Boozehounds is ecstatic to become Central Florida’s very first dog bar! However, a frequently asked question lies simply in our name, what exactly is a dog bar? 

Simply put, we define a dog bar as an off-leash dog park with a bar, but our definition dives a little deeper than that. For us, a dog bar is a safe place where dogs and their favorite humans can interact, connect, and have fun equally, together. Every dog in the world deserves the kindness and care that we expect them to give us, and through Boozehounds, we hope to create an environment that promotes and enhances this connection between dogs and humans. We love to see the happiness from both you and your dog! Mostly your dog though. You can just come have a beer. 

While the Greater Orlando area has most definitely been progressing in creating dog-friendly environments and options, there is still a space to be filled. Our goal with Boozehounds Dog Bar is to not only create a safe and social environment for dogs, but also a fun and enjoyable place for humans. As we all know, dogs + beer/wine = happy humans!