We had the rare opportunity recently to get the facts on life as a founder and the original pupper from Boozehounds Dog Bar straight from the source; a very special, and very photogenic dog named Kaia.

This carrot loving K-9 is the whole package! She is an almost 4 year old (October 18th) German Shepherd that loves herding Lucky the cat, chasing squirrels around the yard, and going on car and boat rides with Mom and Dad.

Having one dog toy is overrated especially for the one’s Kaia is allowed to play with. When it comes to favorite toys, pushing around a big red ball was her obsession until Mom took it away because she repeatedly pushed it into the lake. Otherwise “Monkey in the Middle” with a tennis ball is her go-to game.

When it comes to Kaia there is plenty to be said about all of her tricks. It is a lot like Halloween though, without the treat, you won’t get a trick. That is of course unless it includes the disappearing act, where it involves the lake and A LOT of swimming. Speaking of Halloween, Mom loves to dress her up like Batgirl, and Kaia’s Dad says it compliments her ears.

One thing is for sure about this young spirited pup, she has inspired her Mom & Dad to open up the much anticipated Boozehounds Dog Bar, and we can’t wait!