Paul Jaszczenski & Lainie Pekich are native Floridians, graduates of the University of Central Florida, and both have a passion for life – specifically the life that includes their dog. Her name is Kaia, the inspiration behind the energy and the passion to dream up this thing called a “dog bar.”

The original inspiration was derived from being able to take Kaia everywhere. It seemed so natural for her because she was so well behaved on road trips. “The only downside was keeping her on a leash under a table whenever we wanted to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a cold beer.” This was the Lightbulb moment that struck both of them. “Why can’t we create a place that is not only human friendly, but dog friendly too?” This was the inspiration behind Boozehounds Dog Bar.

They wanted to start the company because they felt there was something missing in the local dog friendly community. After a great deal of research, they discovered this concept existed in several cities around the country. It didn’t take long before they committed to bringing it here to our local community. As current business owners, they understood what goes into starting a new company. It’s certainly a labor of love, but with that experience, there comes a strong sense of confidence and belief.

Also, the timing couldn’t be better. “The city of Orlando is one of the top dog loving communities and fastest growing craft beer drinking cities in the country. It’s the perfect combination!”

Getting to know Lainie and Paul a little more:

Funniest recent memory you can remember?
The first time we told our friends and family we were opening a “dog bar.” The look was priceless. “A what…?”

Personal accomplishments?
For both of us, it was earning our college degree. We were both leading very successful careers when we decided to give up nights and weekends to finish our degrees. It’s a great accomplishment when you achieve a goal that at the end of the day, only matters to you. Go Knights!

What is your dream place to travel?
Any where we can take our pup.

What is you favorite animal?
Dogs of course, DUH!

What is your favorite movie?
Any Christmas movie. We are both Christmas nuts.